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Social Responsibility

Welcome to the Mission Rescue! Your team must use these abilities in order to create and execute a plan of action to win. The objective of this activity is to move your team along the course in order to find an “injured person” and return them to safety. The terrain is the coastline consisting of sand, boulders, rock slabs and will involve some hiking. The injured party consisting of several people are located near the hotel. It is known that they are unable to walk. Team needs to use decipher clues and navigate to checkpoint on a map in order to accumulate points and also find the “injured party”. The points system for each station will vary. That is, some stations are work more points than others and certain stations will only have points for the first team to get there. The successful team need to use their skills to carry the “injured party” that reaches the final check point by the cut off time The Mission Rescue is most appropriate for teams that are in need of communication development and build a responsible team. A good half-day programme pairing is to follow up with Team Initiatives in the afternoon.



Team Benefit

Team strategic planning

Wise use of different abilities: communication, leadership, problem-solving and perseverance



2-3 hrs


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