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Together Everyone Achieve More

Ice Breaker





All team cooking events and programmes can include integrated learning & development sessions, either designed and facilitated by our experts, or by your own.


These elements can be added to any of our experiences

(where suitable, and time permitting), to enhance and extend

the "foodie" experience:

-       Foodie market tours

-       Ingredient treasure hunts

-       Invite guests to join for dinner

-       Master classes (any cuisine type or culinary technique)


The Iron Chef challenge is a 45 minute team competition whereby each team has 15 minutes to discuss and decide on the menu item(s) they will create with the local ingredient(s). Teams then have 30 minutes to search for ingredients at local wet market.

After finished their dish which they must present their dish(es) to a panel of judges who will determine 'who reigns supreme'. After the challenge, the group will enjoy a gourmet 3-course gourmet meal!


Team Benefit

Communication, collaboration, creativity, boost morale





Social Responsibility

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