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Belbin Remote Workshop


During this time of crisis, it is more important than ever to stay connected with your team members. Virtual working environment posted challenges for all of us, yet some might fare better because of the way they work. How do we work better together in a virtual setting and how we can leverage this time to understand our team better. 


Belbin Team Role allows you to take this down time and understand your team members better. Virtual working environment posts challenges to different people and it is important that we learn how to help each to cope with isolation and lack of supervision.


Learning Objectives:


  1. Understand your behavioural strength and weakness and                                  know what you can bring to your team

  2. Foster greater virtual communication between members                                     and employ appropriate collaborating strategies

  3. Leverage understanding in boost personal effectiveness                          when working from home




  1. Pre-work Assignment

    1. Read “Belbin Team Role” Contribution

    2. Watch “Belbin Team Role” Video

  2.  Remote Workshop 2hrs

    1. Learning the fundamental- Belbin Team Role Review (20mins)

    2. Understand yourself and others- Belbin Report Debrief (40mins)

    3. Understand the team- What is our team strength and weakness (20 mins)

    4. Discussion- team improvement plan + Virtual working ground rules (30mins)

    5. Q&A (10mins)

  3. After-Workshop Follow-up

    1. Reading assignment       

Self awareness .jpg
Team Roles sign.jpg

Workshop size : 20 to 50pax 

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workshop run by 'ZOOM' online chat room

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