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Travelling with Adventure Asia

Travelling with Adventure Asia here we have excellent contacts with our regional partners, which include experience outdoor instructors, foreign experiential learning Centre, local experts on culture and the arts. Also, due to solid relationships built over many years, we provide cooking classes with celebrity chefs, hosted meals at the homes of local families, local volunteer service/projects and many other unique experiences nobody else can offer you! 


Adventure Asia will first consult with our client and understand what kinds of adventure expeierence you want and tailor made your best itineary. We ensure all your adventure trips are special and unique. Your adventure experience include:


  • Trekking

  • Mountain Biking

  • Marathon / Running

  • Abseiling / Gorging

  • Rock climbiing

  • Kayaking​



Adventure Himalayas


Adventure Kenya


Adventure Hong Kong/ Macau

New : Adventure Kenya
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