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Social Responsibility

Bakery Contest

Good nutrition and healthy eating gives you sustained energy during the day, contributes to a positive mood, and helps you concentrate and focus. These qualities are especially critical for optimizing your team’s ability to work together.  

Our Bakery Contest Package includes:

  1. A brief bakery class taught by a professional Baker, who is trained in health supportive making and teaching.

  2. A four type bakery food that will be prepared by four teams, and then eaten, together

  3. Also included:  a themed Apron and Cookbook

  4. Your choice of theme and menus for the class.  The Baker  is available to consult on ingredient customization.

Team Benefit


  • Work-Life Balance

  • Collaboration

  • Communication Skills

  • Lots of laughter

  • Enjoy a delicious food, together!





2hrs to 4hrs



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