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Together Everyone Achieve More

Running Cheung Chau 




The Running Challenge is a clever team building experience that is guaranteed to have your team talking about it for a long time to come. Our Running Challenge is a supercharged event based on the television phenomenon “The Amazing Race”. A dynamic opening task quickly ignites the competitive spirit. Teams will follow route information cards to 5 checkpoints across the city/islands in HK. Bonus tasks and checkpoint challenges ensures that it’s not the fastest team that takes out the day, a subtle mix of time and skill will see everyone contending for victory. Our closing ceremony introduces a surprising twist throwing the whole game up in the air; even the most confident teams will be the edge of their seats.


Cheung Chau Great Race

Cheung Chau Island has long been one of Hong Kong’s most popular island retreats. Smaller than Lantau but bigger than nearby Peng Chau, Cheung Chau offers more to do than clamber around on rocks and play castaway but is still several gears down from the bullet pace of the city.


Highlight of the race:

  • Some of the hikes that take in Cheung Chau's natural rock sculptures – somewhat of a Hong Kong obsession 

  • The mini great wall in southeast Cheung Chau reached from Kwun Yam Wan beach is worth a of walking

  • Seafood Street near the pier is the best place on the island for an alfresco meal and to soak in the lively ambiance of locals after the programme


Team benefits:

  • High energy

  • Getting to know your team

  • Lots of Laughter

  • Time management and risk vs. reward

  • Collaboration  


No. of Participants: 25 to 400


Duration: 2-3 hrs


Space Requirements:

Indoors or Outdoors




Social Responsibility

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