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Together Everyone Achieve More

Due to current COVID-19 outbreak forced several companies to implement remote work on an emergency pace. With little or no time to prepare their teams for such a drastic change in their work routines. These abrupt changes combined with the moment of extreme uncertainty in the world scenario can lead to communication problems within the team, and poor decision making. Remote workshop and virtual teambuilding for people being stay home office. 

 Belbin Remote Workshop

It’s crucial for you and your manager to communicate  expectations clearly.

If you’re fortunate enough to have astrong working relationship with your

manager already, it’s likely to be easier to change tracks over to virtual


If not, using a common language to explore strengths and potential

weaknesses is a great first step.
The language of Belbin Team Roles helps us to identify and articulate our contributions more clearly, and alsoto discuss the difficulties we encounter, in dispassionate terms. What’s more, your Belbin Individual Report is a practical tool, offering advice and guidance to help develop strategies for more effective working. And once your manager has completed their own Belbin, you can take the opportunity to analyse the relationship with our Working Relationship Report, which compares the two sets of data and points up some areas for discussion. This can be a great way to address new challenges (or even problems that preceded remote working) through a new lens.


The objective of this activity is to bring the team together even that they are working remotely. It also aims to train workers in Smart Working practices, facilitating the communication and process during this period. All of this living a fun and engaging experience. As Einstein once stated ‘’Learning is an experience, everything else is just information’’.

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