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Ice Breaker



Coffee Art Competition

Our Coffee Art Competition is good fun and encourages the mixture and collaboration of people, new and unique ingredients.  Our coffee expert will provide a brief overview of the character of coffee, its evolution over time and the types of coffee generally used in different making.  Teams compete in some quick, coffee-related competitions to earn points that will enable them to “buy” the ingredients to make their very own Signature Coffee. It is also possible for team/s to create own version of coffee, if they so desire.  Teams will be challenged to create a name for their coffee, a Logo/Label, the Signature Coffee itself, as well as their marketing campaign.  The Signature Coffee is crafted from the selection of coffee bean, milk, condiment and other ingredients we provide.  The judges, from our team or yours, will decide which Signature Coffee, Logo/Label and presentation “reigns supreme.”



Comprehensive training on coffee knowledge and barista skills is provided to guarantee your coffee quality and consistency.

Our coordinators are ready to prepare your distinct signature coffee.



  • Team Benefit

  • Social

  • Collaboration

  • Creative Expression

  • High energy

  • Getting to know your team






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