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Jewellery workshop

This jewellery making & design workshop is rooted in principles of design,creative and critical thinking. We give teams a greatly enhanced ability to think and operate in a customer centric way.

This programme is not a typical critical thinking experience where your teams will spend yet another day in front of a computer screen. Our programmes all involve a manual and offline experience. The multisensory dimension gives many more ways in which the members of your team will learn, remember and share from the day with us.

Elements of design thinking will improve the way that your teams are able to solve problems together. This heightened collaboration will lead to greater team effectiveness and retention.

All set in a unique, offline, handmade and artisanal ‘out of office’ environment.



1) Introduction to the world of Fine Jewellery

2) Workshop Tour

3) Introduction to Design Thinking

4) Team Challenge: Jewellery Making and Design Team Collaboration.

5) Reflection and feedback session


Team Benefit

Enhances communication, trust, teamwork and interaction




Ice Breaker





Social Responsibility

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