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Together Everyone Achieve More

Our Methodology

Unlike other forms of training, experiential learning combined with powerful content does change behavior, and clearly justifies the investment. The reason for this impact is that experiential learning provides the three elements necessary for behavior change: Participation, Understanding and Conviction.


What Makes our Adventure Training Work? 

• Hands-on initiatives engage participants. 

• Risk taking — moving out of the individual’s comfort zone of perceived boundaries leads to innovative problem solving skills

• Key Learnings are easily transferred back to the workplace

• Adventure is accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities at your site or ours


Examples of Models of team development 

4-phases “Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing” model developed by Bruce Tuckman, for example, offers teams a chance to examine the stages of team development and assess what factors might be limiting their performance at the current time. 
























Our consultants may introduce an inventory like the Belbin team performance assessment or Disc personal assessment to help people understand their own work styles and those of others. This information can create a common language in a team, offering practical and useful insights for each person in developing better work relationships. 




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