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Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga is being embraced by many progressive businesses and is a great benefit. We offer a range of practices from slow and meditative to energizing and active. We will get to know your staff and find out the type of practice most needed.  Yoga provides the benefits of relaxation/stress management training and fitness. Together, this one-two punch may have a powerful impact on both overall culture, performance and costs.

We understand that a team's physical and emotional health are both factors that affect the smooth running of your workplace. We acknowledge that other energetic, situational, and interpersonal factors may also impact the workplace dynamic. We realize many full-time employees in today’s work force face other challenges that may leave them feeling stressed, depleted, and unable to show full enthusiasm or involvement on a daily basis. Blissed Out'sapproach to team building will teach skills that provide a sense of well-being, confidence and co-operation for all members of your team.

Team Benefit

• Lower healthcare costs and decrease the frequency & duration of absenteeism
• Increase efficiency, productivity & creativity
• Improve focus under deadline
• Improve mindset, morale and loyalty.
• Enhance employee strength, posture and health & decrease chronic pain
• Decrease employee fatigue & back pain
• Decrease employee disease risk factors




  • On-site Yoga Classes;55-minutes, can be modified to suit your needs

  • ​Lunchtime Wellness



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