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Belbin Team-Role Workshop

Belbin Team Role Theory describes the strengths and weaknesses which individuals exhibit within teams. These strengths are described in terms of 9 different Team Roles which people have an affinity towards. For example one person may show great strengths in terms of strategic thinking and weighing up pros and cons whilst another may display a particular talent for innovation and coming up with creative solutions to problems.


The understanding of peoples’ Team Roles can be used to:

·  Select in terms of behaviours rather than just experience or technical ability

·  Increase understanding of individuals’ own talents and weaknesses and those of other team members.

Once people are aware of their Team Roles they can try to play to their strengths and to adjust their behaviour according to the demands made on them by the role they are in or in their interactions with others.


Belbin Team Role Theory allows managers, individuals and teams to benefit from self-awareness and to have an awareness of, and respect for, what other team members bring to the team.

Belbin Team Roles can be used as a Self Perception tool ( What do I believe I bring to a team?) and with Observer feedback ( How do others perceive my behaviour?) It can be enlightening to compare and understand these views

Belbin Team Roles reports can help in a number of ways:


Benefits to your Organisation:

·  It can help people to work more effectively in teams

·  It enhances your Recruitment and Selection Process

·  Assists Employee / Team / Organisational Development

·  Helps to resolve conflicts

·  Can improve the job evaluation process

·  Can be used globally

·  They are effective at individual, 1 to 1, team, department or organisational level


Benefits to you:

·  Understand your own personality in terms of Team Roles

·  Understand and manage your strengths and weaknesses

·  Understand and interact with other people more effectively

·  Work more effectively in teams

·  Project yourself in the best possible way

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