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Cocktail Challenge

Sangria Challenge teams are challenged to make a very special alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink that includes White and Red Wine and lots of  creative ingredients. Teams will be instructed in the basics of wine and Sangria before the culinary portion. Teams will be challenged to a trivia quiz to see how much information they have retained—and also to allow the winning teams to have an advantage of picking their ingredients first (the challenge portion). This  Challenge will tantalize your taste buds while challenging your knowledge and creativity.

In addition to mixing lemons and lots of other fruits with wine and bubbly water and  own creative recipe ingredients, each team will develop a marketing plan for their drink, a new logo and slogan, a name for "their" winery and their specific sangria drink and so much more! Our knowledgeable facilitator will educate the group on wine, as well as the history of Sangria

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